What is Hellotxt?

Hellotxt is your personal social networker...a Social Dashboard for your life online. Our free service, accessible via web, WAP, and smartphone apps, is designed to help a user communicate easily with their contacts, whichever networks they are on, and in both inbound and outbound communication. Our tool also makes it easy to engage and have more fun with the media you post to web 2.0 services. Hellotxt works with the world's most popular social networking and web 2.0 sites, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Posterous and WordPress. Hellotxt was launched in 2007, and is currently a part of the new business line of mobile entertainment leader Buongiorno SpA. For more information on the company and philosophy, visit the About Us page.

How do I use it?

You can sign up online with just a few clicks using Facebook Connect, or choose a conventional username and password to access your Hellotxt account. If you are an iPhone/iPad or Android user, download one of our mobile apps, for even more great features.

To get started, select some of the social networks and services which you update frequently with text, photos, or even video. You will be asked to input your info for each network, and in some cases, the site will require an application installation to validate (such as Facebook and Twitter). Of course, you aren't always at your computer, and this is the real beauty of Hellotxt. For more info on updating by email, or via our iPhone, iPad, or Android applications see the sections below.

Smartphone Applications

The same great features of Hellotxt web can be accessed anytime on your mobile via our applications for Apple iPhone/iPad and Android. Utilizing the mobile application for iPhone/iPad/Android, users can Doodle freehand drawings on top of images before posting, even automatically generate map locations to post and share with friends.

Where can I get Hellotxt Android ... iPhone?

You can download the Android application by searching the Android Marketplace for Hellotxt, or visit the Hellotxt mobile page on our website using your Android browser to initiate a download. For iPhone users, the iPhone app can be downloaded from the Apple App Store here.

Reading and merging friend feeds

You can set your Feed up as a single consolidated view of multiple friends posts on multiple networks: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Buzz. We are working on adding more networks all the time, and your Feed will become even better and easier to use.

Can I add multiple Twitter accounts? How about Facebook Pages?

Yes and yes. The configuration process is the same for multiple Twitter accounts or multiple Pages within Facebook.

How do I delete a social network or service?

Once logged in, if you wish to delete a network use the menu link "Manage Networks" found at the top of the Dashboard's screen. Your services will be displayed with the option to delete on the right.

I forgot my password

Go to the Login page, and click on "Forgot password?". Enter the email address you used to sign up, you will receive an email with a password to be used to login. Once logged in go to Settings and change your password by clicking on "Edit Password".

Resetting email gateway

Your unique email address (email gateway) should be kept confidential, in the unlikely event that someone else learns it and starts posting as you, simply login, click Email from the Dashboard, and click the option to reset beneath your old email address.

How do I delete my account?

To delete your account and all associated data from connected networks/services, send an email to feedback [at] hellotxt [dot] com from the email address you used to register, or with your current username (see Settings)

URL shortening

When you paste a URL into your status box, Hellotxt will automatically create a shortened link for your social network profiles and services once you hit send. The character counter displays your word count based on the shortened URL. I want to use another link shortening service No problem, by inserting (*) before the URL you are sharing, you can send a full length URL, or a shortened version from another service, such as Bit.ly

Email/MMS tips

When you post an update by email (either from a mobile device or mail client like Gmail) or send an MMS, Hellotxt posts the text in the body of the email, and hosts any multimedia that is attached for your friends to view. You can attach audio, video, or pictures, as long as the multimedia is no larger than 10Mb. Here are more tips for controlling email updates:
  • Begin your email with a #Tag and Hellotxt posts to the services you selected for that Tag.
  • If you are posting to WordPress you can split the subject from the content of the post with .. (e.g. title..content)
  • To keep email signatures out, end your update with -- (e.g. posting this -- not posting this )

How can I help Hellotxt?

Here at Hellotxt we do our best to keep everything running smoothly, however, should you encounter a problem, we appreciate your help by submitting a brief description as well as your Hellotxt username to feedback [at] hellotxt [dot] com. We also keep a community resource page available at http://getsatisfaction.com/hellotxt
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