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The web has changed an incredible amount since the early days of simple, one-way communication. Social networks and self publishing now represent the future of the web, and the best fit for the basic human needs of connecting and sharing. Hellotxt is a tool to aid you in the communication and digestion of all your social information. We make it easy to post text and media to separate accounts on multiple social networks, publishing platforms, and micro-communication services.


With Hellotxt you can post your status once and have it appear automatically on all of your web services, allowing you to keep all of your friends up to date with ease. It also lets you read your friends' updates from larger web services like Facebook and Twitter on one screen.

You can update your status on the website, or by using email from your mobile phone. You can also embed photos and video right into your status updates.


The concept of Hellotxt was first developed in late 2007 by Fabrizio Giordano and Raffaele Rasini and shortly after it was noticed by Mauro del Rio, the Founder and Chairman of Buongiorno, who included it in Buongiorno's 2.0 mobile content product portfolio.


We hope you enjoy using it and we welcome your comments to help us improve the service.

Please email your comments to
feedback (at) hellotxt [.] com

Thanks for your support!

Hellotxt Team

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