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iPhone/iPad Version 2.2 — More Fun! Smart Reading!

November 4th, 2010 Ryan No comments

Hi Everyone,

A quick post to let you all know the iPhone/iPad application has been updated! In the new version 2.2 we’ve packed in not only a smarter feed experience (Comment and Like from your Hellotxt feed!) but some other great fun enhancements for posting. Here is the lowdown on what’s new:

- Smart Feed
You can now see and add comments to Facebook posts inside the stream

- Doodle Your Friends!
Add freehand doodles or fun stamps/clip art to your friends’ Facebook profile pic, then post to their wall and challenge them to do better!

- Shake Fun Suggestion
Don’t have anything to say? Shake your iPhone, or tap the :) on iPad for a witty remark to post. We are crowdsourcing suggestions from all of you!

Click here to download the new app from the App Store now!

To see the new features in action, check out this walkthrough video on YouTube:

It was a whirlwind Summer for us here at Hellotxt! With our official Android application already hitting the Android Marketplace hard, and major improvements to the website on the way — like rich media RIGHT UP IN YOUR FEED! — we are going to be continuing to blow you away…so stay tuned!

Calling All Hellotxt Android Users

August 11th, 2010 Ryan No comments

Hi Everyone

While all of you have been enjoying summertime, the Hellotxt development team has been locked into an 8×12 room with basic food and water, and forced to listen to Lady GaGa until they deliver a new Android application to the marketplace. The good news is that we’re almost out the other side, and not too far away from a first release. Although Hellotxt has been available for Android users for some time already, this is a complete overhaul of the application, so should be a significant upgrade for everyone…

We really appreciated all the support and feedback we received around the iPhone version so we’d like to also ask for some early feedback from our Android fanboys out there.

If you are interested in taking part in the BETA development stage for the next version of Hellotxt Android, please drop us a line at, and include your Android model phone and version info.

Thanks in advance!

Hellotxt Team