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Hellotxt’s Top 5 Fridays

Top Five FridaysHi everyone,

We hope you’re enjoying our weekly top 5 favourite social media stories, please leave any comments good or bad :) at the top of the post.

Let’s count down from number 5

Conan Roasts iPad 2: You’ll Buy It No Matter What We Say [Video]
Following all the hype about Apple’s iPad 2 announcement, this video which was aired on the Conan O’Brien show was a welcome relief from all the tech specs.

MG Siegler - TechCrunch @parislemon

Number 4

Storm Clouds: Gmail Failure Reinforces Danger Of Becoming Too Cloud-Dependent
With problems affecting Gmail this week, can we really trust our data in the cloud? The golden rule of computing has always been to backup data, but what if this data is only online? How many of you have any copy of your Gmail / Hotmail emails on your computer?

Nicholas Deleon - CrunchGear @nicholasadeleon

Number 3

Futuristic Kiosk Spits Out Cash for Recycled Electronics
How many of you have tried to recycle your old electronic equipment in order to help the environment and raise a bit of extra cash for yourselves? Do you find the process long winded? Would you recommend it to a friend? What if you could pop down to a local retailer, drop off your electronics into a kiosk and walk home with money in your pocket?

Jennifer Van Grove - mashable @jbruin

Number 2

The Social Web In Pictures: 50 Viral Images Shared In 2011
This list includes inforgraphics, charts, graphs, pictures, creative adverts, as well as many random images. Well worth a read during your lunch break :)

Adam Singer - TheFutureBuzz @adamsinger

And finally, number 1

Exclusive: BlackBerry Messenger will launch on Android and iOS
Over the past few weeks we’ve heard of Android applications running on Blackberry devices and this week we hear Blackberry Messenger to start running on iOS and Android devices. Can it be true will RIM open up one of their main USPs to their rivals in the smartphone market?  Or are RIM just trying to reduce the cross platform barriers that currently plague the smartphone market?

Johnathan S. Geller - BGR @boygenius

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Best wishes,

The Hellotxt team

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