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Login issues?

February 22nd, 2011 Jenny Leave a comment Go to comments

Have you had trouble logging into Hellotxt recently?

We’ve found a couple of useful solutions which may help to fix a number of login issues:

1). Clearing your browser cookies and cache:

Since there are a number of different browsers on the market, each with their own settings and naming conventions, the actual process to delete the cookies and cache is slightly different on each browser.

Google have been kind enough to create a small ‘how to’ for the different platforms so simply follow the instructions for your given browser.

2). Checking your extensions:

Given the development in web browser technology today it is common to find many users running a number of extensions. Two extensions we have found to be particularly problematic with Hellotxt.com are:

*Facebook Disconnect:
Facebook Disconnect blocks all traffic from third-party sites to Facebook servers, but still lets you access Facebook itself. When this plugin is enabled it does not allow Hellotxt to load correctly and this in turn will lead to login troubles such as the username and password not being accepted, or the login window not working.

*Internet Explorer’s Compatibility View
In a nutshell, Compatibility View allows content designed for older web browsers to still work well in Internet Explorer 8. If enabled however, compatibility view will try to rearrange some of the content on Hellotxt.com leading to a website with misplaced graphical elements. You can disable this feature in the area shown below (within the red square):

As a result of the two problems above we recommend that when viewing Hellotxt.com you ensure to disable both extensions.

I hope this post is of use to you, if you require any support please contact us.

Best wishes,
The Hellotxt Team

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