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Introducing: The Hellotxt Smartstream and the quest for relevancy

Helping users access their most relevant information more easily is something we think about a lot at Hellotxt. Not an easy challenge, for sure, but a noble quest all the same! So I’m really excited to use this blog post to introduce our first step towards  addressing it for our users – The Smartstream.

People can often find their social lives are full of information they don’t care about, frequently presented too democratically in a timeline. This causes low level stress and high level frustration as the cool stuff gets missed (why should the very latest info automatically be the most important?), making your social graph a less effective way of finding new content than it should be.

Clearly, the relevance conundrum can be approached from a range of different angles – content, Location, Social relationship with source, time of day, emotional state, information decay factor; the more the better in some respects, but in the first release we’re focussing on the relationships angle. Next up and released very soon will be a pretty cool additional feature to help tackle the content side of the relevance question as well.

Last point (hopefully you’re still reading!),  although a lot of work we’ve done is on the secret sauce side - semantics etc, we also don’t believe that you can ever break relevance down to predictive mathematics alone. Far more important we think, is to give the users the mechanisms to have some fun doing this themselves, in a gamey sort of way. (After all, anything we get told explicitly by a user is far more relevant than anything figured out by an algorithm…)

Speaking of fun, enough chest beating – we hope you like the new direction and be sure to tell us what you think – good or bad!

The Hellotxt Team

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