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Newly Designed App for the iPad - Hellotxt Journls

July 22nd, 2011 Peter No comments


The app allows you to manage the explosion of activity across the web to make it relevant to you

Logging into Facebook, Twitter, or any of your social networks for that matter can sometimes be a frustrating experience. Have you ever found yourself having to wade through a labyrinth of friends feeds, tweets or images and then left feeling overwhelmed by information overload? Ever spend time having to sift through sites for the news that you want but can never seem to find it? If the above strikes a chord, then the new iPad app Hellotxt Journls is exactly what you need.


Buongiorno, global enabler of the mobile connected life, who has already enjoyed huge success with the smartphone dashboard and web service Hellotxt, today launches the next evolution - Hellotxt Journls, an iPad app that leads the way in digital media discovery and enjoyment. Built on top of Buongiorno’s proprietary social media platform, Hellotxt Journls is an iPad app that makes life easier by letting the users create and manage a bookshelf of magazines, directly and easily generated by their social feeds, websites and blogs. With Hellotxt Journls, you can start keeping the most relevant information from your social networks and the news that matters together in a unique journal of updates.


Creating a journal takes just a few seconds with an infinite number of styles available taken from across your RSS feeds and the social networks that you’re interested and allowing you to create multiple journals to read. Interested in sports or fashion? Hellotxt Journls lets you create your own personal magazine with all the best news from a variety of news sites, as well a friends updating you on the latest scores or trends in one single browsing experience.

The app supports all major social networks and you can personalise even further by adding from a whole range of fantastic web news sources.

The app’s features also include:


  • The very latest in design gestures, and innovative page revealing effect in portrait and landscape so you can bring your very own journal to life. Create multiple journals for your bookshelf.
  • On the move? Connect; update your journals, then browse and interact from wherever you are using Offline Mode.
  • Unique caching systems meaning you can keep track of posts long after your networks remove them.


With the proliferation of social and news platforms, the amount of users and content is always rising - Twitter now has 300 million users with 95 million tweets per day, and Facebook is at the 750 million users mark with 3 billion pieces of content posted every month. On average in the UK, each person spends 33.9 hours surfing the web and social networks each month. Hellotxt Journls allows you to navigate this data deluge and locate the stuff that’s most relevant and make it stand out from the crowd.


“As social media continues to grow rapidly across the globe, streamlining the fruition of content to make it simple, enjoyable, and relevant for each single user has become a major part of the concept around Hellotxt Journls”, commented Matteo Montan, Head of  the New Business Unit, Buongiorno. Hellotxt Journls delivers fresh, relevant content in a familiar format customised by the single user, as well as allowing users to react and respond in real-time thanks to the power of social media discovery platform Hellotxt and connection to multiple social networks. The app gives users the content they want, when they want it.”


The iPad app is free to download and is available for download from the App Store now.

Launch Screen Posting messages via Journls Aggregated Daily News Feeds


About Hellotxt

Hellotxt is the personal social dashboard, within mobile entertainment leader Buongiorno’s new business line, Simple, and Fun Social Dashboard for iPad, Web and Smartphones that allows users to interact with a single “digital frame,” in order to read and share text and media, to and from multiple social networks…making it easy to keep up-to-date with what a social web user’s personal network is up to, on the move and in real-time. A simple and fun tool to manage your life online. Our free service, accessible via smartphone apps and the web, is designed to help a user communicate easily with their contacts, whichever networks they are on, and in both inbound and outbound communication. It makes it easy to engage and play with the media you post to social web services. Hellotxt works with the world’s most popular social networking and web 2.0 sites, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Bebo, MySpace, Blogger, and WordPress. Hellotxt was launched in 2007, and is currently a part of the new business line of mobile connected life leader Buongiorno SpA. For more information about Buongiorno, please visit

For further information about Hellotxt and Buongiorno, please contact:


Andrew Durkin / Dan Walsh


Tel: + 44 (0) 1753 656 611

Email: /

Introducing: The Hellotxt Smartstream and the quest for relevancy

May 31st, 2011 Jenny No comments

Helping users access their most relevant information more easily is something we think about a lot at Hellotxt. Not an easy challenge, for sure, but a noble quest all the same! So I’m really excited to use this blog post to introduce our first step towards  addressing it for our users – The Smartstream.

People can often find their social lives are full of information they don’t care about, frequently presented too democratically in a timeline. This causes low level stress and high level frustration as the cool stuff gets missed (why should the very latest info automatically be the most important?), making your social graph a less effective way of finding new content than it should be.

Clearly, the relevance conundrum can be approached from a range of different angles – content, Location, Social relationship with source, time of day, emotional state, information decay factor; the more the better in some respects, but in the first release we’re focussing on the relationships angle. Next up and released very soon will be a pretty cool additional feature to help tackle the content side of the relevance question as well.

Last point (hopefully you’re still reading!),  although a lot of work we’ve done is on the secret sauce side - semantics etc, we also don’t believe that you can ever break relevance down to predictive mathematics alone. Far more important we think, is to give the users the mechanisms to have some fun doing this themselves, in a gamey sort of way. (After all, anything we get told explicitly by a user is far more relevant than anything figured out by an algorithm…)

Speaking of fun, enough chest beating – we hope you like the new direction and be sure to tell us what you think – good or bad!

The Hellotxt Team

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The new is live!

March 8th, 2011 Jenny No comments

We’ve been really busy here at Hellotxt headquarters making a sleek, new site for you.

We’ve always been told that Hellotxt is great for updating your various socials in one place so now we’ve also made it even easier for you to read all of your socials in one easy to manage feed.

We all lead busy lives nowadays and suffer from the odd moment of information overload so our aim at Hellotxt is to help you with this.

The new site has been developed using customer’s feedback and the smart, new design of the site is very close to the design of the app so thank you to everyone for your feedback.

Here’s a more detailed list of the additional changes you’ll see when you next log in to Hellotxt:

  • Twitter Connect - you can now save time by logging in using your Twitter details.
  • Single streaming updates – choose between standard streaming, viewing streams from one particular contact or one social media channel.
  • User friendly focus – there is new, improved, intuitive navigation within the site.
  • Social feeds organisation - better management and viewing of your feeds, including the ability to read more updates.
  • Social feeds ratings – ‘star’ your favourite social feeds to ensure that you’re receiving the updates that you’re most interested in.
  • Improved profile/settings section – there is an easier to follow settings section plus a new option to create a personalised profile with an optional photo!
  • Video tutorial section – learn how to use all of the features of the apps and site, including all of the advanced features.
  • Onsite useful tips – regular, updated tips on how to get the most out of Hellotxt.
  • Google Reader RSS feed – this has now been added to the site so read your latest subscriptions in one place with all your other updates.
  • What’s new at Hellotxt – see the latest Hellotxt news, press coverage and Twitter updates on the home page.
  • We hope you enjoy the new site, if you have any feedback please don’t hesitate to contact us on either Facebook or Twitter.

    Best wishes,

    The Hellotxt Team

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    IOS version 2.5 is here - update now!

    February 23rd, 2011 Jenny No comments

    Hi everyone,

    I said last week that that I’d bring you details of our latest IOS update and I’m happy to tell you that version 2.5 is now available at the App Store!

    The update includes:

    • Important bug fixes.
    • More detail of Facebook posts – see all of the likes and comments in your feed.
    • Facebook Connect is now available to new users.
    • Create a PDF of your wall feeds, save them to your iBook library then send it out via email if you so wish (which we think is pretty cool)!

    That’s all for now – work is well underway on a major release for later in the first half of this year so watch this space.

    We hope you enjoy the new features, and if you have any feedback please contact our Get Satisfaction page – the fastest way to get better is through user feedback so we really appreciate all your comments and suggestions – keep em’ coming!

    Best wishes,

    The Hellotxt Team

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    Login issues?

    February 22nd, 2011 Jenny No comments

    Have you had trouble logging into Hellotxt recently?

    We’ve found a couple of useful solutions which may help to fix a number of login issues:

    1). Clearing your browser cookies and cache:

    Since there are a number of different browsers on the market, each with their own settings and naming conventions, the actual process to delete the cookies and cache is slightly different on each browser.

    Google have been kind enough to create a small ‘how to’ for the different platforms so simply follow the instructions for your given browser.

    2). Checking your extensions:

    Given the development in web browser technology today it is common to find many users running a number of extensions. Two extensions we have found to be particularly problematic with are:

    *Facebook Disconnect:
    Facebook Disconnect blocks all traffic from third-party sites to Facebook servers, but still lets you access Facebook itself. When this plugin is enabled it does not allow Hellotxt to load correctly and this in turn will lead to login troubles such as the username and password not being accepted, or the login window not working.

    *Internet Explorer’s Compatibility View
    In a nutshell, Compatibility View allows content designed for older web browsers to still work well in Internet Explorer 8. If enabled however, compatibility view will try to rearrange some of the content on leading to a website with misplaced graphical elements. You can disable this feature in the area shown below (within the red square):

    As a result of the two problems above we recommend that when viewing you ensure to disable both extensions.

    I hope this post is of use to you, if you require any support please contact us.

    Best wishes,
    The Hellotxt Team

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    Android update 3.5.1 is here!

    February 17th, 2011 Jenny No comments

    Hi everyone,

    Here’s what’s new with Hellotxt.

    We’ve had our Android 3.5.1 update this week, you can use the QR code below to take you directly to the Android Market. We are also currently putting the finishing touches to an IOS 2.5 update which will be with you shortly!

    Like everyone, we left the CES show with tablets firmly on our minds, and our Android 3.5 release means that Hellotxt is now compatible with Android tablets for the first time. Apparently Android Tablets constitute 22% of recent sales of tabs, so we’re really excited to see how things go on these devices in 2011. We’ve also updated the news feed so seeing your friends and follower’s photos, videos and link updates is now much easier. We squeezed in a few important bug fixes as well :

    • Set your updates frequency in the settings page.
    • The feed page load faster in general and includes multimedia previews.
    • The scroll is quicker too.
    • We’re also a bit more compatible with foreign characters in texts.

    That’s all for now – work is well underway on a major release for later in the first half of this year so watch this space.  We hope you enjoy the new features, and if you have any feedback please contact our Get Satisfaction page – the fastest way to get better is through user feedback so we really appreciate all your comments and suggestions – keep em coming!

    I’ll post details of our IOS 2.5 update very soon!

    Best wishes

    The Hellotxt Team

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    Valentines Doodles

    February 11th, 2011 Jenny No comments

    Hi everyone,

    Here is a quick product update for you for this valentine’s weekend.

    Here at Hellotxt we’ve decided to add a bit more fun to social networking so we’ve updated our Doodle feature to include various valentines stamps.

    You can use them to doodle your Facebook friend’s profile photos (as modelled on the right!), this can be done in 3 easy steps:

    • Pick a Facebook friend to doodle.
    • Customise their photo using the various stamps.
    • Post it to their wall so that they can see your handy work.

    Until next time, happy doodling.

    Best wishes,

    The Hellotxt Team

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    Hellotxt’s Top Five Fridays

    February 4th, 2011 Jenny No comments

    Welcome to the first of our Hellotxt’s Top Five Fridays, where we’ll be listing our favourite social media stories from this week.

    Starting at number 5 we have:

    Current Crop of Tablets: The iPad, Motorola Xoom, and Others Compared
    A nice break down of the current tablets on or confirmed for market release shortly. It’s no longer a one horse race :)

    By Whitson Gordon

    Number 4:

    10 Mashable Comics to Make You LOL
    Do you spend so much time on the Internet that you find it hard relate to people who don’t get FarmVillehumor? Do you find yourself laughing at pictures of talking cats because if cats could talk, they would totally sound like that? Do you have six minutes of free time right now?

    By Matt Silverman @Mashable

    Number 3:

    Facebook Averaged Almost 8 New Registrations Per Second In 2010
    What did 2010 look like for Facebook? Take a look!

    By Robin Wauters @Techcrunch

    Number 2:

    Why Social Media Is Bringing Back Our Grandparents’ Values
    Social media, is it really bringing back our Grandparents’ values…albeit in a more digitized form?

    By Josh Rose @Mashable

    And finally…Number 1:

    The History of Content, From Cave Paintings to Flipboard
    Remember when newspapers were king? How about the golden years of radio? Or when carrier pigeons ruled the roost? These content vessels often seem like bygone relics of a simpler time.

    By Jodie O’Dell @Mashable

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    Hellotxt in the media

    January 31st, 2011 Jenny No comments


    We hope 2011 has got off to a great start for you.

    Here at Hellotxt headquarters we have been thrilled to be featured on BBC Click and TechCrunch, we try not to be vain about these things but who doesn’t feel warm inside when they see their product name in bright lights! Thanks for all the coverage guys, it really helps and we appreciate it.

    Find out more at the TechCrunch and BBC Click sites.

    Thanks to those of you who posted feedback on the TechCrunch article, we are working hard to resolve any  issues you’ve encountered. If you have any further problems please visit us at our Get Satisfaction page.

    We look forward to many new and exciting developments for 2011 starting with a new release next month!

    Best wishes,

    The Hellotxt Team

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    Announcing Video and News Updates (RSS) — Orkut Added as Network!

    December 17th, 2010 Ryan No comments

    Hi Everyone,

    The Hellotxt Team has been working away like elves at Christmas, and we wanted to bring your attention to recent advancements made for video and news display in all areas of the product — iPhone/iPad, Android, and Web! And also welcome Orkut to the list of supported networks!

    What’s New:

    The release of iPhone/iPad version 2.4 and Android 3.0 (search the Marketplace for Hellotxt or click here) — AND a recent Web overhaul, where we’ve improved design as well as features. You can forget about having to jump around from app to app, or between networks in 2011…because now you can watch videos, and get updates from your favorite news, gossip, and tech blogs all in one place with Hellotxt. Check out these screenshots  of the new Web and iPad view, and read the full list of new features below!

    • Videos in the Feed — See the Web link, photo, or video that a friend has posted on supported reading networks without having to leave your feed!
    • Added RSS/News – In addition to supported reading networks, Hellotxt now displays news sources and popular blogs via Real Simple Syndication (RSS)
    • Improved Friend/Feed Interactions — Retweet, “Like,” and Comment from one feed, and now rank and rate your feeds by value to you. Want to blast out an incoming post from one network to multiple? Your wish is our command ;)
    • The Easiest Social Experience — We design and test with the easiest social experience in mind, and with your help! Thanks everyone for your feedback, and if you want to be more involved visit
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