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Hellotxt - Ubiquity

You can update your status through Ubiquity by adding the Ubiquity for Hellotxt application.


  1. Enable the application in your Application Setting Page, here
  2. To use it you need to have Ubiquity installed (get it here).
  3. Install the Hellotxt commands, go to this page, and Ubiquity should recognize that there are some commands for it on there. You will see a bar across the top that will allow you to 'subscribe' to the commands by clicking the 'Subscribe...' button that appears. Ubiquity will then present you with a confirmation page with a warning that this is an untrusted source. Hellotxt does nothing that violates your privacy on Ubiquity, so you can accept. You can look at the source code, too!
  4. You will have to set-up your Hellotxt API key for Ubiquity in order to be able to use this application with your account. See the command examples below for how to do this.


To update your status:

hellotxt status

To setup your API key

hellotxt-key key

To clear your API key


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